Senior Staff Application

During the event there will be plenty of posts for Senior Members, but we do need some Staff to assist in the planning and execution.  The following list includes many tasks that can be combined, and often officers will hold more than one position.  It is divided to allow people to sign up for as little or as much as they'd like.  Basic Staff descriptions are listed below.

A. Operations Officer (OPS) - The Operations Officer oversees all activities during the event.  OPS is responsible for staffing of Senior Members and managing tasks in real time.  OPS should have leadership experience, Advanced ORM, ICUT, and preferably hold ES qualifications in GTL or higher (GBD, OSC or IC recommended).

1. Air Operations Coordinator (AOC) - The Air Operations Coordinator arranges pilots and aircraft for static displays and Orientation Rides.  The AOC should also coordinate with the L/PAO for photos of cadets and their pilot.  The AOC should be a pilot, preferably an FRO, with ICUT.

2. Training Officer (TRO) - The Training Officer coordinates training during the event, providing OPS with who is eligible as trainers and trainees.

a. Emergency Services Officer (ESO) - The Emergency Services Officer coordinates with various ES personnel to conduct ES training during the event and ensure that trainers are fully qualified.

b. Aerospace Education Officer (AEO) - The Aerospace Education Officer arranges or conducts AE classes and activities for cadets and/or the public during the event.

B. Safety Officer (SAF) - The Safety Officer is responsible for identifying potential hazards and mitigation options during the event.  The SAF should have Advanced ORM and ICUT.

C. Public Affairs Officer (PAO) - The PAO is responsible for documenting the event, writing news releases, and setting up the recruitment table.  The PAO also supervises the Public Affairs Cadets.

D. Logistics Officer (LOG) - The Logistics Officer is responsible to make sure that everyone has what they need, where they need it.  The LOG will ensure procurement and transportation of all supplies and services as well as transportation of personnel as required.  The LOG should have Intermediate ORM and ICUT.  The ES LSC qualification is preferred.

1. Supply Officer (SUP) - The Supply Officer is responsible for organizing materials as they arrive, distributing materials and supplies, and preparing materials for return to wherever they came from.  The Supply Officer should have a good cell phone plan.

2. Transportation Officer (XPO) - The Officer arranges for vehicles and drivers to transport personnel and supplies during the event.  The XPO should have ICUT and a CAP Driver’s License.

3. Communications Officer (COM) - The Communications Officer is responsible for ensuring communications for staff, teams, and aircraft. The COM should have Intermediate ORM, ICUT, and the ES qualification of MRO, though CUL is preferred.  If the COM does not hold CUL, continuous communication and consultation with WAWG Net Control is needed.

4. Medical Officer (MED) - The Medical Officer is responsible to ensure that first aid is available on site and guide emergency responders in the case of something more serious.  The MED is also responsible for reviewing the Medical Authorization Forms to identify any possible issues.  The Medical Officer is not under any circumstances to exceed basic first aid treatment, regardless of training, while acting as a CAP Officer.  The MED should have a current First Aid card, Advanced ORM, and ICUT.

5. Facilities Officer (FAC) - The Facilities Officer ensures that everyone has a place to work, a place to eat, and a place to sleep.  The FAC oversees the placement and erection of tents, cots, tables, and anything else that is needed.

a. Food Services Manager (FSM) - The Food Services Manager is responsible for meeting the sustenance needs of personnel.  The FSM provides meals, snacks, and water as needed.

b. Building Maintenance Officer (BMO) - The Building & Maintenance Officer is responsible for constructing, maintaining, and deconstructing the camp.  This includes organizing setup on Thursday, trash and sanitation, and tear-down on Sunday.

Senior Staff Application