Olympic Air Show 2018

The CAP Camp for the 2018 Olympic Air Show will be 15-17 June.

The Olympic Air Show is an annual event organized by the Olympic Air Museum at the Olympia Municipal Airport (KOLM).  The South Sound Composite Squadron has supported this community activity for two decades. This year, it will be quite different. We will have our camp at the usual location. We will be providing Color Guard and History Teams to go through the Air Show. Being the 20th Anniversary, they will have groups dressed in historical uniforms representing different eras of aviation history, and we have been asked to represent CAP's history at the Olympia Regional Airport and with the Olympic Air Show. As such, BDUs are preferred if you have them, but any other working uniform you have will do just fine!

Registration is open!! Click here!!

Event Commander: 1st Lt Allison Comstock (allison.comstock@wawg.cap.gov)