Olympic Air Show 2017

Presentation of Colors at Olympic Air Show 2016
The CAP Camp for the 2017 Olympic Air Show will be 16-18 June.

The Olympic Air Show is an annual event organized by the Olympic Air Museum at the Olympia Municipal Airport (KOLM).  The South Sound Composite Squadron provides support for the Museum by providing information and guidance to the public regarding dangerous areas along the flight line and Airlift Northwest.  It provides Civil Air Patrol an opportunity to practice all three of our missions.  Cadets have leadership opportunities as Division Supervisors and Team Leaders, as well as being able to provide support roles for Emergency Services tasks such as Safety, Radio Operators, and Mission Staff Assistants.  Our Aerospace Education mission is served through unique opportunities to talk to pilots and get up close and personal with many aspects of flight including aerodynamics, design, and aerospace careers.  It also supports our External AE goals by helping the Museum to educate the public safely and effectively.

Registration is now open!! Click here!!

NOTE: All staff applicants must still register to be counted as attending.

Event Commander: 2d Lt Allison Comstock (allison.comstock@wawg.cap.gov)
Cadet Commander: C/Capt Kail Lynn
Cadet Executive Officer: C/2d Lt Christian Buzas