Olympia Air Show 2016

Presenting the colors for the Olympic Air Show 2015

The Civil Air Patrol Camp for the Olympic Air Show for 2016 will be from 17-19 June.

The Olympic Air Show is an annual event organized by the Olympic Air Museum at the Olympia Municipal Airport (KOLM).  The South Sound Composite Squadron provides support for the Museum with Parking and by providing information and guidance to the public regarding dangerous areas along the flight line and Airlift Northwest.  It provides Civil Air Patrol an opportunity to practice all three of our missions.  Cadets have leadership opportunities as Division Supervisors and Team Leaders, as well as being able to provide support roles for Emergency Services tasks such as Safety, Radio Operators, and Mission Staff Assistants.  Our Aerospace Education mission is served through unique opportunities to talk to pilots and get up close and personal with many aspects of flight including aerodynamics, design, and aerospace careers.  It also supports our External AE goals by helping the Museum to educate the public safely and effectively.

Register here!! Once your online registration is processed, you will receive an acceptance email with the required forms, packing list, and payment instructions. The cost for the event is $50. At least one working uniform (Battle Dress Uniform, Corporate Field Uniform, or Corporate Working Uniform) is required, along with an ANSI II safety vest.

We are still looking for people to fill the vital roles needed to make this activity succeed. If you want to be part of the team, fill out an application form. The more people apply, the stronger our team will be! Senior Members can sign up here, and Cadets will sign up here. Note that this is not event registration.

The Event Commander this year will be 1st Lt Brandon Austin and we are recruiting a Cadet Commander. Lt Austin is the Deputy Commander for Cadets at South Sound Composite Squadron and works with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.

Senior Staff:
Event Commander: 1st Lt Brandon Austin
Operations Officer:  SM Gary Comstock
Logistics Officer: Capt Scott Dean, 2d Lt Steven von Seggern
Safety Officer: 2d Lt Monty Burich
Public Affairs Officer: Capt Jessica Jerwa, 2d Lt Victoria Wonse
Medical Officer: OPEN
Supply/Transportation Officer: OPEN
Food Services: 1st Lt J. Lynn Dean
Aerospace Education Officer: OPEN
Emergency Services Officer: OPEN
Communications Officer: OPEN

Cadet Staff:
Cadet Commander: C/1st Lt Megan West
Cadet Executive C/Major Benjamin Chidwick
1st Sergeant: C/CMSgt Logan Moore
Division Supervisors
C/TSgt Farron Austin, C/SMSgt Kasey Freudenstein
Public Affairs: TBD
Support Staff