Olympic Air Show 2013

Thanks to all that participated in the Olympic Air Show, 2013!!  Cadets and Senior Members came from across Washington Wing to help us support the Olympic Air Museum's annual event.

The Senior Staff under Even Commander 1st Lt Scott Dean included Maj John Harris from Peninsula Squadron as the Air Operations Coordinator, 2d Lt Steve Lynn and 2d Lt Tina Lynn from Twin W as Communications and Transportation/Supply, and Capt Doug Taylor from Wenatchee as our Safety Officer.  Additional Senior members included Capt RyAnne Stanley from Peninsula helping in food services, SM Vera Ward from Overlake, Capt Karen Chidwick from Ft Vancouver assisting with Medical, and Maj Ken Butler from Twin W.  All of these enhanced our own officers: SM Wendy Austin as Medical Officer, 2d Lt J.Lynn Dean as Food Manager, 1st Lt Nathan VanCleve as Asst. Medical Officer, and Capt Newby as Liaison/Recruiting Officer.  Other South Sound officers included SM Bruce Hughes, 1st Lt Bob Bassett and Capt Kim Russell who volunteered for the overnight Fire Watch, and Maj Bethany Cox helping with Admin.  The Stack Family also made an appearance to provide much needed assistance with manpower and logistics, including the equipment needed to gather water.

C/Capt John Mullins excelled as the Cadet Commander for the event, with C/Lt Col Alex DeSoto as his Executive Officer and C/MSgt Andrew Jordan as First Sergeant.  The three Division Supervisors included C/1st Lt Benjamin Chidwick from Ft Vancouver in Division 1, C/2d Lt Merrick Kruml from Overlake in Division 2, and C/CMSgt Megan West from South Sound in Division 3.  C/CMSgt Hunter Lynn and C/2d Lt Patrick Hildebrand came from Twin W to assist with Food Services and Radio Operations.  Our own C/SrA Michael Dean also assisted with Communications, C/SSgt Sabrina Rathbun worked under the tutelage of C/2d Lt Faith Milligan in Public Affairs, and C/2d Lt Dakota Lanning worked hard as the MSA.

The Air Show had some of the lowest attendance in the last decade, but our cadets were ready for any assignment.  By noon on the first day, C/Capt Mullins devised a way to utilize the cadets to keep them active while providing plenty of rest and respite from the sun.  Capt Ellie Heston and her company, Spotless Air Detailing, provided space in their hangar for a Forward Aid Station and rest area.  Also, for the first time, we were able to sell water for the crowds at our recruiting station.