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Tent Activity Day

posted Mar 23, 2013, 10:04 PM by Scott Dean   [ updated Mar 30, 2013, 4:43 PM ]

Four cadets and two Senior Members made the trip to Capt. Newby's property to work with the Squadron's tents.  The past windstorms damaged the Expandable Frame Tents and knocked down the GP Medium. and all got doused by the heavy rains.

Capt. Newby drove the van with Lt. Dean, C/TSgt Cox, and C/A1C Cox from the church to the storage on in Yelm.  C/MSgt West joined after her morning class.

The GP Medium, while wet and heavy, was unscathed.  The Expandable Frame Tents were badly damaged.  Both covers were damaged.  One, which had other holes and tears, received an eighteen inch gash next to one of the load-bearing grommets.  The other had four of the nine load grommets ripped out.  Lt Newby is looking into repair costs.  Only three of the main frame pieces remained undamaged - enough for one tent.  There were many cross bars and support beams.  We expect to have the GP Medium and one Expandable Frame tent running by the Olympic Air Show.

After spreading and drying the tents, they were, along with all other equipment, moved onto a new set of pallets in an area designated just for our squadron.