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Squadron Activity Day

posted Oct 14, 2012, 4:28 PM by Scott Dean   [ updated Oct 14, 2012, 8:40 PM by South Sound PAO Team ]
The first Squadron Activity Day was a fun and productive time for those who came out.

In July, Mt. St. Helen's Squadron gave us a pile of equipment that was known to include three tents and some other unknown bits.  This was taken to the home of our Commander, 1st Lt. Percy Newby for storage.  As it turned out, we got a very nice GP-Medium tent (like the barracks tents we borrowed from Lewis County Squadron at the 2012 Olympic Air Show), two full Extendable Tents (similar to our mess tent we borrowed from Arlington for the Air Show), what appears to be a GP-Small, and another small modern tent.

Under the direction of C/Capt DeSoto, cadets sorted the contents, erected one of the Extendable tents and the GP-Medium tent and stored the remaining pieces and parts safely in the two new structures.  Cadets dined on MREs donated by the Army at lunch.  After everything was stowed, cadets played games in the field and tested some of their survival gear from their 24-hour packs.

On 20 October, people are invited to Lt. Newby's home again at around 1300 to set up the remaining Extendable tent, test the lighting system, and try to determine how to erect the small modern tent we received.  Senior Staff and Cadet Staff are attending, but everyone is welcome.

Next month, the Squadron Activity Day will be 10 November at our storage locker at the Olympia Municipal Airport.  We will be organizing the locker and moving some items to the storage at Lt. Newby's property.