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South Sound Supports ID-WA COMEX

posted Oct 12, 2014, 10:19 AM by Scott Dean
Mobile Communication Team (WACAP6694): Capt Percy Newby, C/Amn Yap, and C/SrA Austin.
South Sound Composite Squadron fielded four teams to support the ID-WA Communication Exercise on 10-11 October.  The exercise was set up as a friendly competition between Wings.

Capt Percy Newby led a mobile unit (pictured above) with C/SrA Austin and A/Amn Yap in the van.  They drove to McCleary, Kamilche, Harstine Island, and Skokomish making contacts and passing radio traffic.

Remote Communications Team (WACAP820): SM Danny Marsh and C/Amn Felts.
WashingtonCAP 820 was a remote communication station set up by SM Danny Marsh and his step-daughter, C/Amn Felts.  They drove their RV to Potlatch State Park to test the ability to set up a station wherever we need one, independent of grid power.

WashingtonCAP 822 was run on backup power at the home of 2d Lt Brandon Austin, and WashingtonCAP 823 utilized backup radio equipment at the home of Capt Scott Dean.