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South Sound at ESTA

posted Jan 19, 2015, 12:05 PM by Scott Dean   [ updated Jan 19, 2015, 12:20 PM ]
Formation on the Flight Line at ESTA.

C/Lt Col DeSoto has been serving as Cadet Commander for the Emergency Services Training Academy for the current season that started in September. He has been joined on staff by C/Maj Milligan and C/2d Lt West, setting the example for Volunteer Service. This month, our top cadets were accompanied by 2d Lt J.Lynn Dean and Capt Scott Dean.

Lt Dean and Lt West in DFAC - two by two, hands of blue.
Lt Dean went to work in the kitchen, putting together great meals for the students and staff. C/ 2d Lt West assisted her as Cadet OIC with C/CMSgt Lynn and C/A1C de Boom to keep the troops well fed and happy! Meals included biscuits & gravy for breakfast (a mandatory staple to avoid revolt), spiced chicken nuggets, Spaghetti, and hamburger steak with gravy over rice.

C/Lt Col DeSoto on the Flight Line at ESTA.
C/Lt Col DeSoto, in addition to his duties as Cadet Commander, assisted with the Ground Team class, providing training in the snow and ice on vital tasks required to participate in ground search operations. C/Capt Milligan roamed the entire facility throughout the weekend, documenting activities and Academy life through photography.

Capt Dean conducted his Initial Mission Radio Operator Course with C/Capt Mathias, C/CMSgt McGuire, and C/A1C Wagner. Students trained in message handling, communications procedures, proper log protocols, and mission base operations. They also participated in modified hide and seek activities providing location reports and detailed guidance over the radio to find each other or objects hidden around the facility.

The activity was also marked by the resignation of C/Lt Col DeSoto as Cadet Commander. Various factors have increased the strain of the logistical and time requirements of the position. Rather than allowing the performance of any his duties to degrade, C/Lt Col DeSoto passed the torch to C/1st Lt Ludwig, providing a great leadership opportunity.

The Emergency Services Training Academy trains cadets and senior members in various Operations Qualifications as well as periodic leadership courses. ESTA is held at Camp Boucher, right on the Ephrata Municipal Airport, on the third weekend every month except July and August. February will include a Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer School, the first of a two-month Rocketry Class, the first of a three-month Flight Line Marshalling class, Orientation Flights for cadets, and aircrew training.