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Farewell to Maj deBros

posted Oct 12, 2014, 9:47 AM by Scott Dean
Farewell to Maj deBros

While Maj deBros would prefer to quietly slip out the back door, we had to acknowledge him, at least a little.

Maj deBros came right when we needed him, taking over a cadet program that was in desperate need of a good leader that understood the program well.  As a former cadet who has held nearly every position in previous squadrons, including Commander, Maj deBros helped our program rebound from a lull and develop some amazing cadets.  Under his leadership, our program soared, and when the normal cyclical lull came again, Maj deBros helped guide our cadets to get themselves out of it.

As an officer in the Army, we knew his time would be limited.  We are glad and proud that he was able to share his expertise and great attitude for the last few years.  We wish him well as he continues growing in his career.  There will always be a place for him here at South Sound Composite Squadron.