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Change of Command

posted Oct 10, 2015, 8:03 AM by Scott Dean
Change of Command ceremony, 2015

Maj Stack, Maj Andreason, and Capt Russell chatting.
On Thursday, 8 October, South Sound Composite Squadron entered into the next chapter. Capt Scott Dean accepted command of the squadron relinquished by Capt Percy Newby in a ceremony officiated by Southwest Group Commander Lt Col Karl Moore. Many of our members attended to observe the time-honored tradition of passing the colors, joined by Washington Wing Vice Commander Lt Col David Nelson. Lt Col Moore addressed the squadron following the ceremony, praising the work of the squadron under Capt Newby's guidance and inspiring members to continue the standard of excellence and service.

As cadets resumed training to prepare for the mass Veteran's Day celebration in Auburn next month, senior members took advantage of the remaining time to talk with our guests while still organizing upcoming events and working squadron business.

Senior Members in formation.
Capt Newby congratulating Capt Dean.