A New Place To Meet

posted Mar 20, 2016, 11:59 PM by Scott Dean

We had our first meeting Thursday at the Mountain View Church in Tumwater.
Thank you to SM Vernon Bonfield for moving so quickly and finding us a new home.

Nearly a month after the sudden closure of the Armory, we secured the paperwork to hold our meetings in the Children's Wing, consisting of a large room for drill and two large classrooms. There is also a large area field outside.

Olympia Armory Closed Suddenly

posted Feb 11, 2016, 9:56 PM by Scott Dean   [ updated Feb 12, 2016, 2:42 PM ]

Olympia Armory.

When we arrived at our meeting 11 February, we received some bad news. An inspection of the old building found high levels of lead in one of the rooms downstairs. The Washington National Guard uses the room for storage, but it used to be an indoor gun range. Our cadets and staff were not exposed, as we utilize other parts of the building, and there was no contamination outside of that room.

As of right now, we do not have a place to meet. While the lead is restricted to a room that we don't have access to, they are shutting down out of an abundance of caution. We will keep you updated on our very earnest search for another place to meet while we find out the fate of the Olympia Armory.

Our Dancing in the Clouds is being postponed.

You can find out more about the closure in this story from The Olympian.

South Sound joins Auburn Veteran's Day Parade

posted Nov 8, 2015, 4:50 PM by Scott Dean

Civil Air Patrol marches in the Auburn Veteran's Day Parade.

Cadets do push-ups to bring awareness to the problem of veteran suicide.
Members of South Sound Composite Squadron joined with units from Lewis County to Overlake and as far as Spokane to join Green River Squadron at Auburn's 50th Veteran's Day Parade. Despite the cold and rain, Washington Wing made a strong showing with nearly 50 Cadets and Senior Members marched in the largest Veteran's Day Parade West of the Mississippi River. Other members manned the information & recruiting booth, talking to people about our program. After the parade, cadets accepted the 22 push-up Challenge from the booth next to us - National Alliance to End Veteran Suicide - to help bring awareness to the sad fact that 22 veterans commit suicide each day.

The South Sound contingent included Capt Scott Dean, 1st Lt J.Lynn Dean, 2d Lt Victoria Wonser, SM Shanne Montague, and SM Tarcy Hulse along with C/SrA Wonser, C/A1C Yap, C/Amn Krug, Cadet D. Miller, Cadet Hulse, Cadet Stachowicz, and Cadet West.

Senior Members at the recruiting booth.

Wreaths Across America

posted Nov 8, 2015, 4:25 PM by Scott Dean

Peninsula Squadron WAA Ceremony
The Wreaths Across America mission, Remember, Honor, Teach, is carried out in part by coordinating wreath laying ceremonies on Saturday, December 12 at Arlington, as well as veterans’ cemeteries and other locations in all 50 states and beyond. There is also a week of events including international veteran’s tributes and ceremonies at State Houses as we spread our message about the importance of remembering our fallen heroes, honoring those who serve, and teaching our children about the sacrifices made by veterans and their families to preserve our freedoms.

Here in Washington, the ceremony at the State House will be on December 8. Wreath laying ceremonies will be at Tahoma National Cemetery as well as other veteran's cemeteries across the state. South Sound will join Peninsula Squadron at Veteran's Home Cemetery in Retsil, WA.

Sales also support the South Sound Composite Squadron.  $5 of each wreath goes to help the South Sound Composite Squadron provide uniforms and scholarships to our cadets and support our Emergency Services missions.

To order, go to and choose South Sound from the second drop down box.

Instructional Diagram

Change of Command

posted Oct 10, 2015, 8:03 AM by Scott Dean

Change of Command ceremony, 2015

Maj Stack, Maj Andreason, and Capt Russell chatting.
On Thursday, 8 October, South Sound Composite Squadron entered into the next chapter. Capt Scott Dean accepted command of the squadron relinquished by Capt Percy Newby in a ceremony officiated by Southwest Group Commander Lt Col Karl Moore. Many of our members attended to observe the time-honored tradition of passing the colors, joined by Washington Wing Vice Commander Lt Col David Nelson. Lt Col Moore addressed the squadron following the ceremony, praising the work of the squadron under Capt Newby's guidance and inspiring members to continue the standard of excellence and service.

As cadets resumed training to prepare for the mass Veteran's Day celebration in Auburn next month, senior members took advantage of the remaining time to talk with our guests while still organizing upcoming events and working squadron business.

Senior Members in formation.
Capt Newby congratulating Capt Dean.

Washington Civil Air Patrol Cadets Volunteer at Olympic Air Show

posted Jun 29, 2015, 8:47 PM by Scott Dean   [ updated Jun 29, 2015, 8:50 PM ]

Cadets assemble at the V-22s

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Thousands of people flock to airshows every year, but only a select few ever get to work behind the scenes on “the other side of the rope.” From June 26th to the 28th Civil Air Patrol cadets (youth 12 and up) and senior members (21 and up) from all across Washington worked to make the Olympic Air Show at the Olympia Regional Airport a huge success. Cadets were separated into teams with cadet team leaders and supervisors, and the radio command post for CAP was run almost exclusively by cadets.

Lt Austin and Lt West presented Teri Thorning of OFM with air show poster from 1995
Cadet Commander of the activity was 18 year-old Cadet Second Lieutenant Megan West of CAP’s South Sound Composite Squadron. “[The air show] was exciting and a good leadership experience” said West with a smile, as she set down her radio for the first time all day. She said she was amazed by how smoothly the teams rotated stations, took their breaks, and got right back out to work.

After a full day of fundraising, recruiting, running a flight simulator for passersby, and directing cars and lowering gates for aircraft, cadets were rewarded with an exclusive tour of a V-22 Osprey that made the trip from the 3rd Marine Division in Miramar, California. Cadets had a chance to try on gear, sit in the cockpit, and then the Marines visited the CAP campsite at the edge of the airport to barbecue with the group and chat about their future plans.

Anna Sorbinenko talks with cadets
Sunday morning while waiting for a thunderstorm to pass, pilot and performer Anna Serbinenko dropped by to speak about her career in aerobatic aviation. Impressively, she’s been a pilot for just seven years, though you would never suspect it while she’s gracefully twisting and turning through the sky in her Super Decathlon (“SuperD”), aptly named Sky Dancer. Serbinenko, who was mentored by the famed Bud Granley, took photos and answered questions with cadets. Later that day, all eyes were on her in a stunning performance of loops, stalls and spins set to classical music. That was just one of the awe-inspiring acts at this year’s Olympic Air Show. As Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Matthew Wampler said, “The best part was just being around airplanes all day, it’s one of my favorite things in the world.”

Civil Air Patrol is the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force, with the primary missions of emergency services, aerospace education and cadet programs. Cadet members are ages 12-21 and adult senior members are 21 and up. To locate a Washington squadron near you, visit

Public Affairs Officer Cadet 2nd Lt. Hunter Storm and Washington Wing Public Affairs Officer 1st Lt. Jessica Jerwa contributed to this story.

Thank you to our supporting squadrons!

Green River Composite Squadron
Spokane Squadron CAP
Twin W Composite Squadron
Bellingham Composite Squadron - Civil Air Patrol
South Sound Composite Squadron
Paine Field Composite Squadron - Civil Air Patrol
Overlake Composite Squadron - Civil Air Patrol
Fort Vancouver Composite Squadron
Lewis County Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol
Washington Wing - Civil Air Patrol

V-22 at sunset

JBLM Intro Tour

posted Apr 5, 2015, 1:03 AM by Scott Dean   [ updated Apr 5, 2015, 1:03 AM ]

South Sound members joined Green River Composite Squadron on an introductory tour of JBLM on Saturday. Members learned places to get uniform items, starting at the Thrift Shop, and moving on to the dry cleaners, alteration shop, and clothing sales. We went on to learn about some of the many careers and job fields available on an Air Force base.

After lunch at the food court, A1C Bell at AMOPS demonstrated the importance of Base Operations and guided them through a planning exercise.

The next stop was the Fire Department, where cadets got a tour of their equipment, then participated in a "Fireman's Challenge" - a simplified version of one of their training drills. At the end, C/Lt Col DeSoto challenged SrA Stewart.

From the Fire Station, we walked over to the Control Tower, where we saw first hand how they maintain safety by managing the aircraft coming and going.

The group ended up at Heritage Park, where every type of aircraft that has flown out of McChord Field.

A very special thanks to 1st Lt Jessica Jerwa of Green River for making all of the arrangements!

A Loss to Our Squadron

posted Jan 20, 2015, 1:47 PM by Scott Dean

1st Lt Bob Bassett

It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to a cornerstone of our squadron. At our meeting last Thursday we learned that 1st Lt Bob Bassett had passed away earlier in the day.

We all knew Bob as the guy who was always there, always ready to help, always there with an encouraging word or helping hand. He could sit and talk with anyone and made everyone feel welcome and valued.

As a member of Civil Air Patrol, he embodied our Core values in everything. He was always willing to help with any project, even pulling graveyard fire watches during the Olympic Air Show. In addition to being instrumental in securing our current meeting place, he also served as Historian, earning his Technician Rating in 2011, and as a Testing Officer, helping our cadets to live up to their potential.

There will be a memorial service for Bob at Newbridge Community Church (our meeting place) at 1500 on Sunday, 25 January. The family has invited members of Civil Air Patrol who would like to attend. Please wear a Dress Uniform (CAPM 39-1 Chapter 4)) or semi-formal civilian attire.

Our heartfelt condolences to Linda and the family.

South Sound at ESTA

posted Jan 19, 2015, 12:05 PM by Scott Dean   [ updated Jan 19, 2015, 12:20 PM ]

Formation on the Flight Line at ESTA.

C/Lt Col DeSoto has been serving as Cadet Commander for the Emergency Services Training Academy for the current season that started in September. He has been joined on staff by C/Maj Milligan and C/2d Lt West, setting the example for Volunteer Service. This month, our top cadets were accompanied by 2d Lt J.Lynn Dean and Capt Scott Dean.

Lt Dean and Lt West in DFAC - two by two, hands of blue.
Lt Dean went to work in the kitchen, putting together great meals for the students and staff. C/ 2d Lt West assisted her as Cadet OIC with C/CMSgt Lynn and C/A1C de Boom to keep the troops well fed and happy! Meals included biscuits & gravy for breakfast (a mandatory staple to avoid revolt), spiced chicken nuggets, Spaghetti, and hamburger steak with gravy over rice.

C/Lt Col DeSoto on the Flight Line at ESTA.
C/Lt Col DeSoto, in addition to his duties as Cadet Commander, assisted with the Ground Team class, providing training in the snow and ice on vital tasks required to participate in ground search operations. C/Capt Milligan roamed the entire facility throughout the weekend, documenting activities and Academy life through photography.

Capt Dean conducted his Initial Mission Radio Operator Course with C/Capt Mathias, C/CMSgt McGuire, and C/A1C Wagner. Students trained in message handling, communications procedures, proper log protocols, and mission base operations. They also participated in modified hide and seek activities providing location reports and detailed guidance over the radio to find each other or objects hidden around the facility.

The activity was also marked by the resignation of C/Lt Col DeSoto as Cadet Commander. Various factors have increased the strain of the logistical and time requirements of the position. Rather than allowing the performance of any his duties to degrade, C/Lt Col DeSoto passed the torch to C/1st Lt Ludwig, providing a great leadership opportunity.

The Emergency Services Training Academy trains cadets and senior members in various Operations Qualifications as well as periodic leadership courses. ESTA is held at Camp Boucher, right on the Ephrata Municipal Airport, on the third weekend every month except July and August. February will include a Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer School, the first of a two-month Rocketry Class, the first of a three-month Flight Line Marshalling class, Orientation Flights for cadets, and aircrew training.

Washington Wing Fall Conference

posted Nov 9, 2014, 7:13 PM by Scott Dean   [ updated Nov 9, 2014, 7:13 PM ]

SSCS members at Fall Conference

Capt Percy Newby, Capt Scott Dean, 2d Lt J.Lynn Dean, Capt Hoffer, and Capt Gilbreath joined C/Lt Col DeSoto and C/Capt Milligan at the 2014 Washington Wing Fall Conference at JBLM. Senior Members participated in multiple breakout sessions learning about upcoming events, strategies for Emergency Services and Operations, guidance with Finance, and how to use Google Apps more effectively.

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