New Members

Congratulations and welcome! You have taken your first steps into a larger world.

While Cadets and Senior Members have very different paths for Professional/Leadership Development, there are several courses that should be completed by all members. All except the Wing Runner's Course are accessed through the Learning Management System in eServices.
  • Operational Risk Management - Basic (required)
  • Aircraft Ground Handling (required)
  • General Emergency Services (strongly recommended)
  • ICUT (Complete all three sections, then talk to the Comm Officer for the evaluation)
  • Wing Runner Course (required to assist with Glider Orientation Flights)

For those interested in Emergency Services...


Learn 2 Lead
Materials available here.
Tests in the Cadet Testing module of eServices.
Aerospace Dimensions
Materials available here (requires eServices login).
Tests in the Cadet Testing module of eServices.

Keep track of your progress with the Personal Cadet Tracker.

New Cadet Help is a resource that new cadets should look at as well.

Most importantly, look to your Chain of Command for assistance. Guiding you is part of their training as well.

Senior Members

Level 1 Orientation
Officer Basic Course - in LMS