Commander's Corner

Change of Command, 2015

I want to thank all of you for the work and dedication that you have devoted to Civil Air Patrol. Whether you’ve been a member for over 50 years or less than 50 hours, you’ve made a choice and commitment to serve our community and develop our future. Regardless of who is assigned as Squadron Commander, it is your efforts and labor that make everything happen. Since joining our squadron five years ago, we’ve generally made progress in developing our members and in our reputation within the Wing. While our numbers have been higher, what is more important is that our core members have been diligent and active throughout the wing. It is that dedication that will inspire new members to rise to the challenge.

As we move forward, our initial focus will be on being more active in our community. Over the last few years, our only consistent public interactions have been at the Olympic Air Show and providing color guard for Odd Fellows on Memorial Day. While we have been a noticeable presence at Wing events like Washington Training Academy, Emergency Services Training Academy, Glider Operations, Cascade Falcon, and more, we need to remind those in our community that we exist, that we want to help, and prepare ourselves so we are available to help when we’re needed. Over the next year, my goal is to see us involved in parades, fairs, and community events. Not only can we be participants, but also as a resource for other community service groups to help them with their efforts.

We are in an unusual situation with our cadet program, as we currently have no Cadet Commander. With a group our size, it is easily manageable at a flight level. More importantly, all of our officers have moved on for college. In the meantime, our Deputy Commander for Cadets, Lt Austin, will maintain a more hands-on approach to help our current sergeantry develop into officers. Once we have an officer with the time and availability, we will reassess the situation. The only effective difference to our cadets would be for our NCOs, who will answer directly to Lt Austin instead of a cadet officer.

I look forward to working with all of you as our squadron grows – in numbers, in effectiveness, and in service to our community. I hope to make sure all of you have the tools and opportunities to excel, and will work diligently to get what we need. I am humbled and honored by your confidence and will dedicate myself to making good on your faith.