OAS Cadet Staff Application

We are looking for staff for the Olympic Air Show! If you are interested in practicing your leadership skills, please review the positions and descriptions below.

Cadet Commander (C/CC) - The Cadet Commander oversees all cadet staffing and ground operations.  The C/CC ensures the organized response and availability of cadets to perform tasks.  The C/CC should be C/2d Lt. or higher and have Advanced ORM and ICUT. 

1. Cadet Executive Officer (C/XO) - The Cadet Executive Officer manages cadets at camp and steps in for the C/CC for periods as needed.  The C/XO is responsible for sleeping arrangements, organized movement of cadets before and after the operational period, and morale.  The C/XO should be 2d Lt. or higher and have Advanced ORM and ICUT.

A. First Sergeant - The First Sergeant reports directly to the C/XO and is responsible for implementing the C/XO’s orders regarding camp activities and movement.  The First Sergeant is also the Cadet Safety Coordinator, ensuring that all cadets have the information, equipment, and training to operate safely.  The First Sergeant should be a senior NCO and have Advanced ORM.  First Aid suggested.

i. Flight Sergeants - Each barracks will have a Flight Sergeant responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of cadets in their barracks.  While in their barracks, Flight Sergeants have complete authority over all cadets in their charge regardless of rank with the exception of the C/CC, C/XO, and First Sergeant.  Flight Sergeants should be NCOs and have Intermediate ORM.

2. Division Supervisor (DS#) - Division Supervisors may be implemented to ensure manageable span of control.  They would be responsible for overseeing tasks of several teams to ensure safety and proper implementation.  Division Supervisors should be cadet officers or NCOs (preferably officers or senior NCOs) and have Intermediate ORM and ICUT.

A. Team Leaders (TL#) - Team Leaders manage specific tasks with small teams of cadets.  Team Leaders should be C/SrA and above (preferably NCOs) and have Basic ORM and ICUT.

3. Public Affairs Cadets - The Public Affairs Cadets assist the Liaison/Public Affairs Officer with photography and copy writing in support of the event.  Ideally this should be a pair that can work together for safety.

4. Support Staff - some cadets will be needed as support for the Camp.  Note that these positions may only exist during certain times and that they will be staffed by people who had not signed up for them if we don't have people who request these duties.

A. Staff Assistant (MSA) - Assisting with check in, check out, paperwork, maintenance, and messenger.

B. Radio Operator (MRO) - Monitor and relay radio communications with base, recruiting, parking lots, and division leaders.  Must have ICUT and listed in eServices as an MRO trainee (MRO*).

C. DFAC - Assisting Food Services with preparation, serving, and cleanup and the Facilities Officer with camp.

Cadet OAS Staff Application