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Senior Programs

Seniors in formation.
The Senior Program encompasses Staff Positions, Professional Development, and Emergency Services.
As a Senior Member, we could use your help!  There are many staff positions within the Squadron, and the current Staff Officers can always use assistants.  This ties in directly with the Mentor and Specialty Tracks to help you be successful, regardless of any previous experience (or lack thereof!).
Professional Development is the educational program of the Civil Air Patrol for Senior Members.  It is a combination of Leadership Courses, Specialty Tracks and Mentoring.  There are several leadership courses for officers at various levels, and additional opportunities through the USAF Air College.  Specialty Tracks provide guidance for training in a variety of areas and are designed to teach new officers how to perform the functions of a Staff Officer.  The Mentor program pairs you with a more senior officer to help guide you through the training and experience you need to succeed.
Emergency Services provides opportunities to serve our community.  Whether serving as an air crew member, part of a ground search team, or working in a mission base, you can always find a place where you are needed.  Pilots can also serve by providing Aerospace Education to our cadets with Orientation Rides that follow a prescribed curriculum.

Commander: 1st Lt Allison Comstock
Deputy Commander:

 Executive Staff
  • Safety:
  • Administration: Lt Col Cathy Egan
  • Personnel: Lt Col Cathy Egan
  • Finance: 2d Lt Eric DeWitt
  • Public Affairs: 2d Lt Marjorie Smith
  • Recruiting & Retention: 1st Lt J.Lynn Dean
 Senior Programs

Deputy Commander for Seniors: 
  • Professional Development: Maj Bethany Cox
  • Information Technology:
  • Logistics:
    • Supply: OPEN
    • Transportation: 1st Lt J.Lynn Dean
  • Operations:
      • Asst: Capt Philip Peters
    • Emergency Services: 2d Lt Matthew Teets
      • Communications: OPEN
    • Maintenance: 2d Lt Kevin Jessee
      • Asst: 2d Lt Vernon Bonfield
    • Standards & Evaluation: Maj Rich Stack
 Cadet Programs

Deputy Commander for Cadets:
Assistant: 2d Lt Eric DeWitt
Assistant: 2d Lt Brian Barbee
  • Leadership: 1st Lt Alex Desoto
  • Aerospace Education: 2d Lt Kevin Jessee
    • Asst: Maj Ralph Andreason
    • Asst: Capt Philip Peters
  • Testing Officer: Lt Col Cathy Egan
  • Activities Officer: Maj Frank DeBros
  • Orientation Pilots
    • Maj Rich Stack
    • Capt Philip Peters
    • 2d Lt Kevin Jessee
Cadet Sponsor Members

  • Honey Brincken: Supply